Dana Kracker

Dana Kracker is the founder, and owner of Forever Dance Studio.  She began dancing with Pat Alston at the age of 3 and continued with Elizabeth Demny.  She has studied: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pointe, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Drill Prep.  Dana was a member of the B.F. Terry Rangerettes, and an officer for 2 years.  As a Junior, she held the position of Lieutenant and then became Lieutenant Colonel her senior year.

Dana attended Kilgore Jr. College for 2 years, where she was a member of the Original Drill Team, the World Famous Kilgore College Rangerettes.  As a Kilgore Rangerette, she was able to perform in various parts of Ireland.  Their performances included the Lord Mayer’s Ball, a performance for the US Ambassador, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and many other festivities.  Rangerettes were featured in the Cotton Bowl, and multiple Dallas Cowboy half time shows, the Adophus Children’s Christmas Parade, and the Texas State Fair.  Dana also had the pleasure of participating in many activities during President Bush’s first inauguration.

Dana has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Dance from the University of Houston.  While attending the University of Houston, she was a member of their modern dance company, The ENSEMBLE.  As a member of the ENSEMBLE, she performed at various galas and concerts.  She also performed in a video production of choreography techniques used to train dance teachers.   She also performed and choreographed for the Annual UH Student Dance Concert in 2001-2003.  She was a member of the American Dance/Drill Team Association (ADTS), where she was a competitive judge and camp instructor.  Dana is celebrating her 17th year of teaching dance and is more passionate than ever!  She continues to be inspired by the dancers as she watches them grow and accomplish their goals.

Dana began Forever Dance in 2002 in Rosenberg and relocated to the current location in the Spring of 2007.  She created the Star Dance Company in 2004.  On a personal note, she is married to Kevin Kracker, AKA: Mr. Dana (as the dancers have nicknamed him), and lives in Rosenberg with their twin daughters.  Dana is a juvenile diabetic of 25 years.  Dana says, “Living with Diabetes is not easy, but I am healthy, happy, and I feel Diabetes has helped make me who I am today.  I hope to inspire others to overcome life’s obstacles and make a difference in the world, even if it is only in the world of one person.”  Dana looks forward to the upcoming year and the opportunity to work with our amazing staff and talented dancers!