Our Philosophy

As a young dancer I was inspired by a quote given to me, “You should always do the kind of dance which brings out your own rare qualities instead of trying to win praise by mere acrobatic tricks.” –Unknown Author

We like to influence our students to dance and express who they are through their moves, not just leap and turn. Tricks are an important quality and we strive to have the best, however, at Forever Dance “We dance between the tricks!”

We believe that by creating a fun, nurturing, family atmosphere our dancers feel comfortable to express and develop themselves as dancers and young people. As a result of this belief, our students leave with a love for dance, a sense of self and friendships that will last forever.

For dancers wanting a competitive atmosphere we offer the Star Dance Company. Auditions for our Starfish, Junior Star and Senior Star Companies are held each May. The Star Dance Company is recommended for dancers who aspire to trainĀ in a competition setting or choose to continue studio training during high school.

Forever Dance encourages proper body alignment and technique from the very beginning. We offer training in a variety of dance styles and always provide age-appropriate movements. Our classes are for students of all ages who seek personal enrichment or pre-professional training.